Monday, January 18, 2010

The Tablecoth Dress

My life here is not always normal, far from it.  Two delightful boys, a husband and now two dogs.  I feel that sometimes I walk into the "twilight" zone.

Take for example the "The Tablecloth dress".

Well late last year we the family had a wedding to attend.  I had decided to make a dress, instead of trolling the stores. Store shopping scares me, I mentally work out the fabric costs and making times and feel ill.  It is the bargain shopper/sewer coming out in me.

I found a beautiful a beautiful cotton sateen in the furnishing department where I work, okay it was on the clearance table.  I love the colours, so I bought and made.  I wizzed it out in less than two hours, whoo hooo I thought, done and dusted I thought.

Oh no not in my house. I proudly walked out to show the boys, feeling on top of the world.  It had hidden all the yucky parts, and looked pretty and me look taller (ok, it could of been the 12cm heels).  I swanned out, feeling damn fine, hot to trot, red carpet ready.  My delightful three gremlins told me I was "great", "beautiful", "looked not fat", "happy", "okay for the wedding", "don't kill yourself on those things".  Self confidence on top of the world.  Ready to take on the world, and the family wedding.

With that, the happy gremlins all depart..  

The oldest child gremlin walks up towards his room saying himself
"I still think she looks like a Tablecloth on legs" Yes I heard.

Yes I did make another dress, same pattern but dark gray.  I wasn't loosing the shoes... Still haven't wore it either.

Simplicity 2886

Take care Suzy


Jenny said...

Don't you just love kids!!

aykayem said...


what do little boys (or any males for that matter?) know about female clothing/looking good to go out/etc stuff like that? LOL

if my (teenage) kids comment on the fact that they think something I am wearing is weird - I often take it as a compliment - it probably means I look ok - especially when one sees what they and their crowd all look like in what they dangle around themselves/pour themselves into/whatever ...