Friday, January 22, 2010

Death to barbie

Yesterday was a really funny and disturbing day. Youngest gremlin had pleasure in dismembering a barbie doll. Before you band me from never touching a barbie again, please be aware the the said mentioned doll was bought from the “Salvos”and we did buy one that was determinately pre loved, haircut real short and had no clothes.

The D/B is to be used in a cake for one of my girlfriends bridal shower. It might be seven weeks after the event, and I have been dared to make one. Putting it out there that I am going to learn how to decorate cakes has people coming out of the woodwork.

Youngest gremlin would like me to mention that it was me who used the garden shears to cut off the arms. The arms where a tad difficult to pull out. I couldn’t let him completely loose with those.

We where going to post photos, but just in case there are people out there that don't want to see the death we decided not to. I decided to use this one instead.

In a very sad and demented way, why did I found it very satisfying. I am not going to analyze that.

Take Suzy and youngest Gremlin


Banaghaisge said...

One of the Smellies used to make lovely creative creatures from barbie dolls hot glued together with dinosaurs, My Little Pony, etc etc - so barbies with lizard legs and horses with barbie torsos... Wonderful!
Why did you have to hack her arms, tho?