Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My First Cake is Done

I did it, I have officially made and decorated my first cake. I am so proud of myself. I knew I could do it, but that little seed in the back of my head I had my doubt. My mother make and decorates the most gorgeous cake. In our extended family, if you have a cake made by Mum, your chances of the marriage working is a 95%. Not bad at all.

Yes I was dared to make this cake, and I might say glad I was. It was worth killing a Barbie doll, pouring over books and the net. Also remembering the good times helping my Mum. Sitting around the brown wooden veneer table making the piping bags, licking the spoon, decorating the biscuits with the left overs. Memories that are so sweet and loving that just going down this track has made this memorable. 

My mother was at the end of the phone cheering my on, if I has a question she answered it. I had a few “oh Bugger” moments. Like remembering that the cake needed to be cold not rock hard solid, and putting plastic icing on a cake when its like that is “not good”, a panicked phone call was needed.

Youngest gremlin sat across the table from me kneading the icing for me, just like when I was a child. When I had finished and stood back, I was silently doing a happy dance inside. I did it. Simple as it was I did it.

I rang Mum, told her and her words were “ well done , I had no doubt, It was you that seriously thought you couldn’t” 

Why I had doubt, maybe it is I didn’t believe I could do something as good as my Mum. Maybe I thought that my memories where all wrong, but they weren't, they are still as good as pure as the white icing I used.

Last night when we all got together for the belated bridal shower, they all oohed and arrged over it.  Thanks girls, and the "Bride that was, was very reluctant to cut.  She wanted to keep it looking so good, but after I told her that if she didn't we would all stave it was cut.

Take care


PamelaJ said...

Nice cake Suzy sometimes simple is good, I did cake decorating in a previous life! I just did one for Christmas but didn't take photos, My dh reckons I am in the wrong busines ( making bags and quilts) when they charge so much for wedding cakes etc.

Banaghaisge said...

it is fabulous!!!! Well worth slaughtering a Barbie, me reckons!

Can't wait for the next one...