Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I need a new camera

Why, you ask................ well my phone has one and I keep on forgetting to download them.  I have a camera that my gremlins keep on pinching out of my hand bag.  My senior gremlin has one. But when I put batteries in it, they seem always to be flat when I grab it.  I need one to take photos of my quilts and other stuff....... 

I'm whinging and I know it...

So dearest family I want a camera, not to fancy one, one that can be thrown into my bag, easy to download and is mine only.  Not to be taken on trips to skate park, football, camps and other places that I am not there.  Maybe a pink one or purple, that is to girlie for you pinch (oh sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrry I mean borrow).  

Gremlins just think, I won't be grizzling, nagging and pestering you anymore about a camera.  Or lack of one.  

Just a hint gremlins, juniors and senior.  Mothers Day is coming up soon.  So no smelly stuff, slippers that are dog fodder, chocolates that I reallllllllllllllly don't need, garden gnomes, mops and Dustbuster.  I want a camera!!!

I hope this message is received loud and clear.

Take care