Friday, February 12, 2010



This year Valentines is going to be sad and happy for me and the gremlins.  The oldest gremlin is away from work and will miss his, both junior gremlins birthdays and Valentines Day.  So its sad I don't get to spend the day with Richard, but he know I love him and I feel that every day should be a Valentines day.  Okay I am the one who forgets.........

The Boys are going to be my Valentines, yes they think its sad.  Too Bad..........

On the Upside, my Mum and Dad are celebrating 40years of marriage.  I spent the day decorating a cake.  Its a carrot fruit cake, the boys are happy about that.  I will post a picture this arvo, when its finished. 

So Happy 40th Anniversary  Mum and Dad


From Me and the other two Gremlins
Take care